It sure feels like spring (even though it really isn’t), but in our moderate climate of Marin County the time feels right to put in some new vegetables. So, I ordered a bag of two year old asparagus crowns since I don’t have anywhere near the patience needed to start these from seeds.  As it is, I’m just hoping to get some asparagus this year.

The crowns look kinda freaky when they arrive, more like an undersea creature than anything that resembles asparagus.


After searching the inter webs for tips and techniques on planting these things, I settled on:


– dig a 12 inch deep trench about a foot wide.


– make a mound of compost about 6 inches tall in the bottom of the trench


– put the crowns on the mound with the roots radiating downwards with each crown about 12 -1 8 inches from the next


– cover the crowns with about 4 inches of soil


– mulch and wait…  and wait….

A lot of sources say that these asparagus beds can last up to twenty years.  We’ll see about that.  I must admit, since my garden plot is so small, it’s hard to devote so much real estate to plants that may take quite awhile to yield edibles.  But, asparagus is pretty much may favorite green thing to eat, so I gave up the real estate and have my fingers crossed.