Our Kickstarter campaign has wrapped up and was a great success!  In total we raised $2000 between the Kickstarter site and some private donations.  The money will go to reimburse costs for and to build a shade structure over our common area.  This should allow us to begin holding meetings, workshops, picnics and more in the garden.


We would like to thank all who donated:

Mary Chapman
Mr. Crenna
The Lions Club
Gloria Elizabeth
Ditzy Horse
Helen Richfield
Rebecca Maloney
Matthew Ganter
Micahel Khadavi
Mary Purdey
Amy Valens
Hope Leman
White Sage Ent./Big Mountain recording
Andrew Van Epps
Owl Productions
James Sanders
John Cook
Margie Lauter
Kathy Piscioneri
Nancy Roen
Alan Weiler
Mara Mcdermott
Jeff Williams
Donell Peters
Suzanne Sadowsky
Steve Tognini
Douglas Jeffrey
A Jeffrey
Laura Delahunty
Rose Carlyle
Samantha Russell
David Bernanrd
Earl Raab
Faye Coddington
Elena Cvecko
Brian Clopp
Deborah Scott

I think there are a few more folks who donated, but I don’t have their names just yet.