West Marin Compost

We have a new exciting sponsor, WEST MARIN COMPOST, located just around the corner in Nicasio. T
hey will be our main source of locally made organic compost, besides what we make ourselves. We picked up a first load. See our happy garden members “digg’n it”: Barb Scott, John Cook, David Lauter, Carl Szawarzenski.

West Marin Compost is  located at 5575 Nicasio Valley Road. Call them when you need good compost.

Their number is 662-9849. Their website is westmarincompost.org.

Other exciting news: We are creating a Medicinal Herb garden with the help of new garden member, Cheryl Fromholzer, herbalist, teacher and owner of “Gathering Thyme” in San Anselmo.  Her website is gatheringthyme.com

Come visit the garden!

Liz Lauter, Garden Coordinator